7 Tips For Before You Move

7 Tasks To Complete Before You Move

  1. Clear Pathways, Outdoors and Indoors
  2. Empty All Furniture Drawers
  3. keep Track Of All Your Valuables
  4. Be There For The Movers
  5. Take Pictures Of The Current Conditions Of Your Furniture and Home
  6. Consider Junk Removal Before Your Move Date
  7. Secure Your Elevator  

01. Clear Pathways, Outdoors & Indoors

Be sure there is nothing in the way of the outside pathways, inside pathways, and staircases. Anything that isn’t already packed into boxes, get them packed and ready for transport.

02.Empty All Furniture Drawers

Not only will un-emptied drawers make your furniture heavier, it can increase the likelihood of possible damage in transport. Emptying out any furniture drawers can dramatically lighten the load. This will allow our movers to transport it more quickly as well as prevent any items inside from being misplaced, damaged, or cause damage to the furniture in any way.

03. Keep Track Of All Your Valuables

 Consider moving any valuables like jewelry, cash, or expensive electronics yourself. It’s not uncommon for small items to get misplaced with all the chaos going on during moving day, so make sure you pack and move these items yourself so you always have a good track of them.

04. Be There For The Movers

 It’s best to be at your home or apartment on moving day to help answer any questions movers may have when moving your items. You’re not expected to tell the movers how to do their job, but it’s very important to be there on move day.

05. Take Pictures Of The Current Conditions Of Your Furniture & Home

The easiest way to take note of the current condition of your home furniture is by snapping a few photos with your phone of the items before the movers show up. That way, if anything breaks, you’ll know who may be responsible.

06. Consider Junk Removal Before Your Move Date

To make the loading process more efficient, please consider any necessary junk removal prior to your move date. This will ensure our team is only spending time loading items you intend to keep onto our truck. 

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07. Secure Your Elevator

  • If your residence is in a sky rise community with an elevator (ex: Veer, Turnberry Palace, Manhattan, etc.) you may need to reserve an elevator prior to your move date. Without this reservation, most sky rise HOAs will block access to elevators for moving purposes. To ensure this does not happen, reserve your elevator access as soon as possible! Also take note of how long your reservation is for.