1. Pressed wood/particleboard

Items will not be covered (i.e Ikea Style “Wood” Furniture) because it is an engineered wood product manufactured from wood chips, sawmill shavings, or even sawdust, and a synthetic resin or another suitable binder, which is pressed and extruded. These items tend to break apart when moved due to its fragile nature, being made of wood chips and not solid wood. It will be the shipper’s responsibility to disassemble and reassemble these items due to this inherent risk. Skyline Moving Service will NOT disassemble any pressed wood or particle-board item for a Shipper because damage will likely occur. The particleboard has drilled holes with nails or screws that tend to chip or crack even with the utmost care.

2. Transportation of breakables without proper or recommended containers:

Unpacked items of a fragile or breakable nature including, but not limited to, the following: mattresses, a glass of any kind, lamps, lampshades-pictures, mirrors, marble, granite, stone, pottery, LCD or plasma TV’s and artwork of any kind MUST be properly packed prior to transport. Damage claims for such, will not be honored, unless items are packed or crated in the recommended container by the Carrier. Shipper accepts responsibility for any item that is placed onto carriers trucks without the proper packaging.

3. Transportation of refrigerators, freezers, ands similar appliances:

Refrigerators, chest freezers, and similar appliances must be completely emptied of all contents prior to moving day. Skyline Moving Service is not responsible for the preservation of food items, and it is recommended that shipper either disposes of unused food items, or make alternate arrangements for storing food items. Freezers are to be completely defrosted and cleaned 24 hours prior to your move to prevent water from dripping and causing a potential safety hazards. It is the sole responsibility of the shipper to ensure these appliances will fit through any required entryways, elevators, or obstacles during the move.

4. Disconnection or reconnection of washer, dryer, or any appliance. 

Water or plumbing damage may result to the owner’s premises or adjacent premises if appliances are not properly connected. Our movers are not plumbers, nor do they have certification to properly handle appliances. Skyline Moving Service WILL NOT connect any water hoses, or gas appliances, under any circumstance. The carrier shall not be liable for any fire, water, electrical or other related damage resulting from the disconnection or reconnection of any appliances. Shipper agrees to accept liability for any damage arising out of the disconnection or re-connection of appliances including but not limited to washers, dryers, refrigerators, icemakers or coffee makers even if Shipper requires, requests, permits or allows Carrier to perform such services.

5. Hot Tubs: 

If Shipper request the movement of any hot tubs, Shipper must disconnect all hoses and drain water completely from hot tub prior to the move. Carrier will not reconnect any components of the hot tub.

6. Shipper’s property warranty:

Shipper warrants all driveways, walkways, bricks, steps, pavers, tiles, decks, and floors are of sufficient strength and structure to permit safe moving. Shipper agrees to empty out all unfinished attic areas, themselves. Our movers are NOT permitted in unfinished attics and will not be held responsible for any items left behind in these areas. Shipper has not tendered any hazardous materials or chemicals to Carrier.

7. Third-party services:

Certain items must be professionally serviced/boxed or crated prior to being moved. This includes, but is not limited to; washers, dryers, safes, icemakers, pool tables, marble and granite top items, large sculptures, grandfather clocks, pianos, copiers, computers or any other machinery with internal moving parts. Shipper understands that should they decide not to have items properly serviced that it will be up to Skyline Moving Service, whether they will move these items or not. Furthermore, if these items are accepted for transportation against Skyline Moving Service recommendations for the proper and safe transportation of these items, it is understood that Skyline Moving Service will in no way, be held liable for any damage that occurs to these items.

8. PBO containers:

Shipper acknowledges that Carrier is not responsible for damage to the contents of any container “packed by owner” (PBO) and not packed by the Carrier for this specific move unless external damage or other evidence of mishandling is noted at the time of delivery. Additionally, Carrier is not responsible for loss of or damage to any article contained in drawers, packages, cases or containers that were not packed and unpacked by Carrier’s employees.

9. Unforeseen contingencies:

Carrier is not responsible for any unforeseen contingencies including, but not limited to, traffic and weather.

10. Valuables:

 Carrier has limited liability for items of “extraordinary” value (greater than $100 per pound) including, but not limited to, the following: coins, currency, jewelry, stocks, bonds, precious metals, legal documents, or items with personal value. Carrier recommends these items be transported by Shipper. Carrier will have no responsibility whatsoever unless these items are specifically noted on the front of the bill of lading. 

11. Reserving elevators, certificates of insurance, etc.:

 It is the shipper’s responsibility to reserve elevators, loading docks or any other items that building management may require such as Certificate(s) of Insurance to move into the building. It is the Shippers responsibility to request these items from Skyline Moving Service in a timely fashion. Any delays due to omissions by building management or Shipper will not be the responsibility of Skyline Moving Service.

12. Mattress coverings

Although not required, mattress bags are highly recommended to protect your mattress from any staining during your move. Skyline Moving Service will not be held liable for mattress which are not properly covered with mattress bags.

13. Customers assisting movers: 

When the customer insists on assisting with a move, ALL damage claims will not be honored due to the difficulty in distinguishing who may have caused the damage. 

14. Repairs: 

If any article is lost, destroyed or damaged while in Skyline Moving Service’s custody, we will, at our discretion, offer to do the following:
   (a) Repair the item,
   (b) Replace with a similar item, or
   (c) Make a cash settlement for the cost of the repair or the current market replacement value.
  Repairs by a customer that are not authorized by Skyline Moving Service will not be honored. Skyline Moving Service reserves the right to use our own in-house contractors for repairs.

15. Please print and/or download this information so that you fully understand your rights and responsibilities.

Skyline Moving Service as a licensed mover and is governed by the Nevada Transportation Authority. A copy of our published tariff is available on their website at nta.nv.gov.

*Disclaimers are subject to updates and changes without notice. Any disclaimers outlined are for the benefit and awareness of Skyline Moving Service clients.