Skyline Moving Service


Frequently Asked Questions.

There is always room for additional information. Below are a few commonly asked moving questions we receive. If yours is not answered below, feel free to give us a call or email!

General Questions

We offer straight-forward and extremely competitive pricing for our services!

Labor. Our labor is charged at an hourly rate with a 3-hour/2-mover minimum. For billing purposes, the time starts when our truck arrives and stops when you are satisfied with the placement of your items. We then calculate the number of hours worked (rounded to the nearest 15 minute incremate) then bill accordingly.

Travel. This covers transportation (fuel, vehicle mileage) and materials. Materials include protective blankets & stretch wrap, dollies, and other safety tools.

We are based in Las Vegas, NV and provide our services throughout Southern Nevada. Therefore if you are moving into, from, or within the Clark County area from anywhere in the State of Nevada, we are here to help!

Absolutely! As required for all legitimate local moving companies, we are properly licensed and regulated by the Nevada Transportation Authority (CPCN #3374). Additionally, Skyline Moving Service is also properly insured. We maintain a $1,000,000 commercial auto insurance policy, and a $2,000,000 General Liability insurance policy. This ensures our ability to take the best care of our clients, while also protecting the safety of our community.

We sure do! Packing can be an overwhelming task, allow our team to help if you need assistance. Along with packing, we also having packing materials available for purchase at competitive pricing for your convenience.

A Bill of Lading will be granted before your move begins. This contract will show the move itinerary, rates, and client information related to the move. You will receive a customer copy of this document for your own records.

Every home is different and therefore the time required to move varies depending on your specific needs. The average time expected to move may vary as such:

Studio/1 Bedroom (600sqft)2-3hrs
2 Bedrooms (800sqft)3-5hrs
3 Bedrooms (1300sqft)4-6hrs (2-3 movers)
4 Bedrooms (1800sqft)6-7hrs (3-4 movers)
5 Bedrooms (2000+sqft)7-9hrs (4-5 movers)

We offer both full scale and labor only moving services. As much as we would love to assist with transporting your items to your new location, we would also be glad to provide a hand with moving items around the house.

While we are able to move a majority of your items, there are a few which we are prohibited from moving. These are things such as, propane tanks, firearms, expensive jewelry, cash, and illegal/prescription drugs. We recommend that you make special accommodations for these types of items to be transported to your new home.

We proudly offer discounts to our community seniors and members of the United States armed forces.

Unfortunately there are items that our movers are unable to ship. 

These items include:

  • Living things (animals, plants)
  • Perishable Items (fresh or frozen food, uncanned foods)
  • Flammable items (propane tanks, firewood, kerosene, fireworks)
  • Hazardous materials (chemicals, anti-freeze, motor oil, acids)
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Valuables (Cash and jewelry)
  • Important documents
  • Medication

Long Distance Moves

Our movers are hired employees of Skyline Moving Service. We personally vet every candidate to ensure they meet the high quality standards of our company prior to employment. This allows us to consistently provide our customers with a great moving experience.

Every move comes with basic released valuation coverage at no additional charge. The maximum payout for each claimed item with basic released valuation is $0.60 per pound. If full coverage of your items is preferred, we have a partnership with Moving Insurance that can be provided. It is the shipper's responsibility to accept or decline the additional, full coverage prior to scheduling the move.

For long-distance moves originating in Las Vegas, we complete an on-site in order to inventory items planned for shipping. Once the inventory is documented we will provide you with a binding estimate.

Our team will present for your move from beginning to end. We travel out of state with the load to manage the unload, even if we require additional assistance from our network of professional movers.

Our customers may sometimes need a hand in preparing for their upcoming move. In this case, we can provide professional packing services as necessary. We will oftentimes schedule a date prior to your actual move date to pack, prepare, and stage your items and furniture. This ensures you are ready to go before we begin loading. We can also support your Storage In Transit (SIT) needs. SIT may be needed when delays occur in your move schedule, such as home closing issues, remodeling, structural delays, etc. Feel free to reach out to our team to discuss options on how we can further support your move.

We understand that there may be numerous factors affecting your timeline for shipping and receiving your items. We will make every effort to work within your timeline with our express moving process. Express moving enables you to select an available pick-up date, we will load your items into the truck, and your items will be on their way within 24 hours of pick-up. We can discuss SIT options in cases where your new home is not ready to receive shipment.

We have a team of highly vetted and skilled movers employed with Skyline Moving Service. Our company will load or unload your items locally and do the same for a majority of the out of State moves. In the case where it becomes logistically necessary to coordinate with subcontractors, we may tap into our network of professional movers or drivers for additional support. This is a transparent process that allows us to still provide our customers the service they need while keeping the prices affordable.

Our company is fully licensed and meets all the requirements set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This organization exists for public safety, by ensuring that every carrier is compliant with federal guidelines, and can legally operate outside of their State. Every Household Goods (HHG) mover is required to have an active Motor Carrier (MC) number with a status stating “Authorized for HHG”. Our operating credentials can be verified on the Department of Transportation (DOT) website at

If any item is lost, destroyed or damaged while in Skyline Moving Service’s custody, we will, at our discretion offer one of the following as resolution:

  • Repair the item
  • Replace with a similar item, or
  • Make a cash settlement for the cost of the repair or current market replacement value. For basic valuation coverage, cash settlements are limited to $0.60 per pound per item.