Skyline Moving Service

Skyline Moving Services: Terms & Conditions


1. Acceptance: Signing the contract for moving service confirms your acceptance to our terms and conditions set forth. These are the terms and conditions of Skyline Moving Service set forth as an electronic agreement between only the Carrier (Skyline Moving Service/Us/We) and the Shipper.

2. Paying for your move

a) Payment is due immediately after your move is done. We do not provide any payment plans. By signing this contract you are letting us know that you have the finances necessary to cover the costs of your move. Unfortunately, a small percentage of customers hire us without the means to pay or intention to pay for services rendered. For those few who this is directed at that from the start never intended to ever pay, please be aware that this is a category C felony and punishment will be enforced as provided in NRS 193.130. By Nevada law, this is will be prosecuted under the theft of services laws/statutes (NRS 205.0835) and will subject the offender to criminal, as well as civil penalties.

b) Moves to storage units or into customer’s truck, foreclosures and evictions are cash only or Via Cash App to $SkylineMoving. Payment is due before offload at the destination or storage unit. Offload time will be estimated and any difference will be immediately refunded. 

c) Types of payments accepted:- VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Cash, NO Checks UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Credit cards must match the driver’s license number of the person paying. If the person paying is a third party, we require a credit card authorization form to be signed. We cannot accept a credit card from a person who is not present.

d) Credit card convenience fee: We charge a 3% credit card convenience fee for ALL credit card payments and a $3 fee is added to the reservation deposit as well. Only $100.00 will be deducted from your final bill and not $103.00.

e) Financing: Skyline Moving Service provides does not provide financing of any sort. 

f) Billing errors: If a billing error is found when accounting audits the file (post-move), the customer agrees to remit the remaining balance owed. This can happen after very long moves and even after a short move. We are all human and prone to making occasional mistakes. A billing error does not absolve a customer of his/her responsibility to pay the difference. f) Storage unit moves: Skyline Moving Service WILL only accept cash, or EFT such as CashApp ($SkylineMoving), Venmo (@SkylineMoving), Zelle or PayPal, for moves into storage units. Please plan accordingly. We cannot accept credit cards or personal checks for moves into storage units or personal vehicles. Cash or EFT is due before offloading at the destination.

3. Cancellations: You MUST notify us by email two weeks (14 days) before the date of your move in order to have your reservation deposit refunded to you. Within two weeks (14 days) before your move, the reservation deposit is completely non-refundable. We operate in good faith and do understand that circumstances do change, therefore we do not charge date change fees. Any changes to scheduled move date must be requested within seven (7) days of the move date. This does not guarantee availability for the desired move date but we will try to accommodate the best we can, while minimizing the potential losses this may cause. All cancellation request in less than seventy-two (72) hours notice are subject to a 2hr minimum charge plus the travel fee cost.

4. Truck Fees:

a) Travel Fee: Utilizing the moving truck requires a minimum $100.00 travel fee covering up to 30 miles. If Carrier is unable to fit all of Shipper’s household goods in the Moving truck, additional time will be required for additional trips. This may result in added Travel Fee cost if the additional trip mileage extends beyond the 30 mile limit.

b) Driving Distance: Distances traveled beyond 30 miles from the truck storage location (zip code 89139), may be subject to additional fuel and mileage charges.

5. We do not transport:

a) Chemicals of any kind including, but not limited to propane, fertilizer, paint, thinners and gasoline. We are not certified to transport anything flammable. In short if, it has a potential to explode and/or is chemically corrosive—it cannot be transported on the trucks. Customer warrants that all propane tanks and dangerous chemicals will not be given to movers to move whether boxed or unboxed. The customer also agrees that if an item is found to be flammable, that it will be left at origin and will be the responsibility of the Shipper to transport to the destination. Gasoline powered lawnmowers and/or any other equipment can also not be put on trucks unless the fuel has been drained completely.

b) Valuable items: The shipper is expect to personally transport all valuable items. This includes, but not limited to, cash, jewelry, collector items (stamps, coins, baseball cards, precious metals, etc.), or any other items deemed to have high intrinsic, market, personal or perceived value, or valued over $100 per pound. In no event is the Carrier responsible for loss of or damage to documents, stamps, guns, money or jewelry unless a special agreement in writing is made between Shipper and Carrier.

c) Dangerous items: such as firearms, damaging or explosive items, including gas bottles, aerosols, paints, or ammunition.

d) Junk Removal: Skyline Moving Service does not operate as a junk removal company. For dumping unwanted or broken furniture, separate arrangements must be made with a hauling service.

6. Damages:

a) Preexisting Damages: Carrier assumes no liability for preexisting damages, or additional damages incurred by the existence of preexisting damages.

b) Wall Damages: Shipper understands that oversized furniture does not easily fit through small hallways, stairwells, doorways, and access-ways, especially furniture that was not designed for apartments. Carrier will advise customers of this possibility before trying to fit oversized items in or out of premises.

c) Parking: All parking and loading areas are to be reserved during the move by the shipper prior to the carrier arriving to any location. Shipper acknowledges that carrier’s trucks weigh in excess of 26,000 pounds and may potentially damage shipper’s driveway. Therefore shipper must inform the carrier twenty-four (24) hours before the shipper’s move if the carrier’s truck cannot drive onto or park in the shipper’s driveway. Under no circumstances will the carrier be responsible for damaged driveways.

d) MattressesSkyline Moving Service will not be held liable for any internal components of any mattresses.

e) Damage Repairs: DO NOT Repair, discard, or replace any items damaged during the move. In order for any item to be discarded, repaired, or replaced by the Shipper, the Shipper must either: (i) Have the written consent from Skyline Moving Service to do so OR, (ii) Have received compensation for the item from Skyline Moving Service.

f) Shipper is not liable for damages that may appear after the move has been completed. All damage claims must be reported by the completion of the move.

7. Amendments: This agreement may be amended at any time by Skyline Moving Service personnel only. 

8. Moving valuation: Basic released valuation of $0.60 cents per pound per article is included in every move free of charge, with all orders. Additional valuation is available, for an additional fee. The basic released valuation means that the maximum payout on ALL items claimed is $0.60 cents per pound per article. It is the shipper’s responsibility to select and agree to your valuation coverage before your move is scheduled. You must either accept the full valuation coverage option, if offered by the carrier, at the current price the carrier offers, or waive the full valuation coverage and accept the basic released valuation coverage at the current industry specified rate. Additional moving insurance coverage options can be purchased at 

9. Appliances and other electronic devices: Skyline Moving Service will not be held liable for any internal components of an appliance and/or electronic device. When moving appliances & electronics it can be necessary to tilt or turn these in a position that is other than upright. Doing this can cause loose components that are inside to go ahead and come loose. Also, vibrations in the truck can also cause components that may have preexisting issues to become disconnected. Therefore, Skyline Moving Service does not warranty the internal components of any appliance or electronic device unless external damage was caused by Skyline Moving Service that would support the damage.

10. Labor Only Services

Labor Only Services include any service which requires Carrier to load or unload items into a vehicle, or storage container, which is not provided or operated by Carrier. Skyline Moving Service will not be held liable for any damages that occur during Labor Only Services.

11. Additional Charges

Unless already included in Shipper’s moving quote, additional charges will apply when moving the following items: pianos, hot tubs, weightlifting equipment, or items in excess of 200 pounds such as gun safes, marble, solid wood cabinets, and pool tables. The charges for these items will be in addition to the hourly charge of the move.

12. Delays

a) Weather and Traffic issues other delays: Carrier is not responsible for weather traffic, construction, elevator issues, and other similar delays that are beyond our control.

b) Wait Time Policy: The shipper is required to pay any hourly charges incurred by the carrier if the carrier has arrived within the stated arrival window. If the shippers is unavailable, unreachable, or has not arrived at the origin location within thirty (30) minutes of the carrier’s arrival, the move is subject to cancellation, and the shipper is subject to a 2hr minimum charge plus the travel fee cost.

13. Right to Refusal: We reserve the right to refuse or discontinue service to shipper under conditions that, at our sole discretion, we consider dangerous, unsanitary, disrespectful, physically/verbally abusive or contained outside the scope of household goods moving. In the event we exercise this right, we will not be liable to you or any other entity for direct or consequential damages. Shipper forfeits their deposit and will be charged a minimum of one hour of labor, at the carriers discretion.

14. Inspection of the truck at the conclusion of move: Shippers have the right and responsibility, to conduct a thorough inspection of the box and cab of our truck, to ensure none of their items have been inadvertently left behind on the truck prior to the departure of the carrier.