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Moving Tips Everyone can Use!

Like must of us these days, we have a little DiY spirit in us. For that reason we scoured the YouTube archives to find some more useful tips for you to keep in mind during your time packing. Press play for these helpful packing tips and take note of the ones below!
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More Useful Tips

First things first, download our free moving checklist. It outlines a countdown of important tasks to complete leading up to your move out date.

Start packing early! Its never too early to begin the process. High volume items that you don’t often use is a great place to start. A few boxes a day should be ideal.

Take note of the packing materials you’ll need and begin acquiring them. A few examples are boxes (different sizes), packing tape, markers, labels and stretch wrap are a few examples

Declutter! No sense in packing items you no longer have use for. Consider any items that may not make the move and form a plan to either donate, resell or trash. You’d be surprised at how much you’ve collected

While keeping in mind least used items should be packed first, also be sure to focus on one room at a time. Overall organization and minimization of lost items are the benefit here.

Chances are you are familiar with the layout of your destination. Take a few extra seconds to label every box with instructions on its new final resting place. Color coding with stickers maybe quicker, but labeling with a marker is equally as effective.

Sure you can save yourself a few dollars by using used boxes from convenience stores and markets. However, you will save time by using boxes meant for moving. Their sizes are more uniform which increases load efficiency and they’re often more sturdy.

For extra padding when packing fragile items, protect them by using bath towels, pillow cases and even socks. No sense in putting items in their own box when the can be used for another purpose!

As it gets closer to your move out date and you need to pack your more frequently used items, use clear bins. This will make them easy and quick to find in case you need to temporary remove them.

Moving Box Kit

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Now that you are headed in the right direction with how to pack your valuables, consider using one of the moving box kits we offer! Affordable bundles are available upon your request with delivery options for your convenience. Click on the image to read more about the packages we offer.

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