How Long Will My Move Take?

Moving Times Explained

How Long Will It Take To Move Your Home? Here Is What You Need To Know

Moving can be overwhelming, but knowing how long it might take can help you plan better. Here’s a breakdown of what affects the time it takes for our team to get you from one home to another.

Pre-Move Planning

Inventory Assessment: The first step is figuring out how much stuff you have. The more items you have, especially specialty items like pianos or antiques, the longer it takes to pack and move them. Check out more information on our free estimates to see why a proper inventory assessment can be beneficial.

Move Distance

Are you moving across town or across the country? Local moves are quicker, while long-distance moves can take several days.

Pre-Move Services

If you need help with packing or disassembling furniture, Skyline Moving Service is happy to assist. However, these services will add extra time. We offer packing, unpacking, disassembly, and reassembly to make your move as easy as possible.

Size Of Home

More rooms mean more time. A one-bedroom apartment will be quicker to move than a five-bedroom house.  Below is a chart of the average move times based on crew and home size from over 1000 Skyline Moving Service moves. All times are based on the pick up location.

Apartment Size Crew Size Avg Move Time
4-5 Hours
4-5 Hours
Home Size Crew Size Avg Move Time
2BD Home
4-6 Hours
3BD Home
5-7 Hours
4BD Home
6-7 Hours
6-8 Hours
Partial Moves Crew Size Avg Move Time
Room Or Less
3-4 Hours
3-5 Hours
Layout and Accessability

Is your home a single-story or multiple floors? Are there elevators or just stairs? How far is the truck from your front door? These factors can speed up or slow down the process. The closer we can position our Skyline Moving truck to your front door, the quicker our team can load/unload your valuiables.

External Conditions

External conditions like travel restrictions and weather can affect your move time. Traffic and extreme heat, like we often see in Las Vegas, can slow things down. Movers work in all conditions, but they are human, and safety comes first.

Moving time varies based on several factors, from how much stuff you have to the distance you’re moving. Planning ahead and understanding these factors can help you have a smoother, quicker move. At Skyline Moving Service, our team of professionals uses their experience and tools to make the process as efficient as possible, but being prepared on your end makes a big difference too. Remember, every move is unique. Talk to us about your specific needs and concerns. We can give you a more accurate estimate and help you plan for a stress-free moving day. Happy moving!